1st Floor

The city of Tetuan

The Medina appears at the traveler brightly, showing its ramparts and entrance doors. Once inside, streets and squares appear with their peculiarities, forming an urban complex where the presence of the inhabitants is constant. The plans of Tetuan establish the cartesian counterpoint in the representation of the city: lines, colors and notes indicate streets, square, walls and doors.


Places of Tetuan

There are places of Tetuan of all eras which draw the attention of the visitors. Some, as the Kasbah, stand out by their privileged position. Minarets are represented from diverse perspectives taken from the streets of the Medina. Public places such as cafés or the inside of the houses are also depicted


Life of Tetuan

The city overflows of life and the artist translates on paper what takes place around him: the colorful urban conglomerations of people in souks, the diversity of the businesses opened in the streets of Tetuan, the activity of the inhabitants and the variety of their professions. The catalog of pictures shows the enthusiasm to depict the urban life and its characters.