The El Oddi House

One of the members of the El Oddi family, decided to build this house in the twenties. To achieve this, he followed the canons of traditional architecture of the Medina while introducing some contemporary decorative elements that reveal European influence, as the modernist tiles of some rooms.

Seven decades later, the house is no longer inhabited and starts then to deteriorate. A deterioration that has been stopped thanks to the project of transforming the old family house into the current Cultural Space.

The recovery of the house tried to get every room back to its original state. The carpentry and the ironworks of doors and windows were restored; tiling was recovered, the ornaments in plaster were restored and roofs and damaged walls were strengthened. It is a question of leaving the house in its original state with a minimum of modifications concerning its new life: showing the public the visions of Tetuan.

New spaces (a store, a coffee shop, a panoramic terrace) have been fitted out to welcome the visitors of DAR EL ODDI.