Visions of Tetuan

The Cultural Space DAR EL ODDI gathers a collection of pictures of the city of Tetuan, which is partially exhibited in these rooms. It is about an ample collection, which continues to grow bigger, of authorized reproductions and originals of paintings and engravings, as well as pictures from newspapers, books, prints, magazines, postcards or plans. Collections cover a wide period (from 1525 to 1955) and their common denominator is the representation of the city of Tetuan.

Including a complete collection of mail stamps related to the spanish Protectorate of the North of Morocco. Those amongst them, which show scenes of the city, are highlighted. The approach adopted to present the works is the same as that of the artists who created them. The approach of travelers native of other countries who arrived to the city curious about what it was going to reveal to them. Each, inspired by what surrounded him, knew how to reflect and transform into art his point of view, so that the exhibition offers a wide range of visions of Tetuan.